Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Tae Kwan Do Exhibition

Saturday as our last Teen Program the McAlester Tae Kwan Do came to exhibit their talents. We had a great turn out for the program and all that attended enjoyed themselves. Several boards were broken by all the students. The black belts spent time showing us how they could even brake cement blocks. (don's try this at home)LOL Thanks to the class for takeing time to entertain our community. Click to see a video of one of the exercises.

To see other videos on You Tube. Just enter Tae Kwan Do Mcalester.
Master Harp (McAlester TKD 6th Dan Sabum Nim) Breaking Concrete Block With Side Kick
Master Harp (McAlester TKD 6th Dan Sabum Nim) - Flying Side Kick And Board Break Over Chairs

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