Thursday, October 14, 2010

New Books at the Library

Life in Marblehead has had a pleasant predictability, until Diesel arrives. Rumor has it that a collection of priceless ancient relics representing the Seven Deadly Sins have made their way to Boston's North Shore. Partnered with pastry chef Lizzie Tucker, Diesel bullies and charms his way through historic Salem to track them down -- and his crimnal mastermind cousin Gerewulf Grimorie. The black-haired, black-hearted Wulf is on the hunt for the relic representing gluttony. Caught in a race against time, Diesel and Lizzie soon find out that more isn't always better, as they Battle Wulf and the first of the deadly sins.

With delectable characters and non-stop thrills that have made Janet Evanovich a household name, "Wicked Appetite" will leave you hungry for more.

citation from Ingram, iPage.
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Monday, October 11, 2010

Book Sale big success

The FOHL (Friends of the Hartshorne Library) participated in "Hard Time's Day" this last weekend by having a book sale. It was a big success, raising over $450, with many people coming in and buying books. We would like to thank our awesome friends group for doing such a fantastic job. We will have another sale early next year.

Wednesday, June 23, 2010

Two Summer Reading Programs were held at the Hartshorne Public Library yesterday. The presenter was Joanne McMillan. She is a puppeteer and artistic director. Her unique style of puppeteering is a combination of storytelling with every type and size of puppet and costumes and extensive audience participation. The livelely action and dialogue was complemented with large clorful projected photos, art, animations and video clips.

The first program was for the Teens and consisited of them making puppets and rehearsing a skit. The second program for the children consisited of the Teens putting on the skit with all the kids getting to particiate. It was a big success.

Wednesday, May 12, 2010

Author to Visit Hartshorne Public Library

A book event is scheduled for Saturday, May 22 at the Hartshorne Library at 1:00pm

Joy Jones, McAlester author, will be previewing and reading from her book, Higher Ground, One Woman’s Journey. Signed copies will be available for purchase following her presentation.

A synopsis of the book is as follows:
Coping with the trauma of her canceled wedding, 52-year-old Bonn Ritland thought she was just going for a drive to clear her mind. Instead, at her first sighting of the Sedona Red Rocks, she knew the drive down this Arizona highway was a continuation of her spiritual quest. Higher Ground chronicles four years of Bonn Ritland's life as she finds her way to more conscious living. What readers discover from the Foreword is that Bonn Ritland is a sobriquet for author Joy Jones. Writing the book as a novel freed Joy to explore her personal truth from the safety of relative objectivity. The movie-worthy story that resulted was best published as fiction--even though it's all true. Inspirational, and refreshingly candid, Higher Ground is much like Terry McMillan's Waiting to Exhale for its gal-pal discourses on romance, a beautiful Southwest setting, and an assortment of true-life "Millennial" males. It goes beyond a wonderful story, though. The choices--for better or for worse--made by the characters in this book tune readers into practical, creative tools they can apply to their own lives...that is if they have the courage to heed the urgings of their inner voices and pursue their own Higher Ground.

Ms. Jones moved to McAlester last year from Santa Fe, NM when she married Clint Warnock. She is a retired educator with 36 years teaching experience; Sturdent Teacher Coordinator for Northern Arizona University, and Educational Consultant for the New Mexico Dept. of Education. Currently she is available to speak to civic, corporate and spiritual audiences on Conscious Living for the 21st Century.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Nita Beshear to visit Library

The Hartshorne Library Friends of the Library are proud to bring Nita Beshear, local author, to the Hartshorne Library on May 8t at 1:00pm. This is a quote from the back of her book, "Devoted to Quilting"
"These devotionals are for quilters at all ability levels and also for lovers of quilts. From the quilt spectator to the quilting professional, a quilt is more that a simple coverlet. The process of creating a quilt provides moments of frustration, fear, stress, fun, or adventure. For the quilt spectator recipient, the quilt offers memories of these same feelings or memories of these emotional times".
Come in and enjoy listening to Nita speak of the book. She will also be happy to sign purchased books.
Refreshments will be served. Please, come support a local author.

Thursday, April 08, 2010

Sherry Morrow to visit Library

To round out Library Week on Saturday, April 17 from 1pm to 3pm, Hartshorne Library will be holding a book signing for a local author. Her name is Sherry Morrow. She has written a book entitled "Woman of the Mountains". To read more about her visit her website at She will be available for questions and will have her book for sale. Come and support a local author.

Wednesday, April 07, 2010

National Library Week - Fine Free Week @ Hartshorne Library

In today’s economy, what’s the one place you can go to get help with a resume, learn new job skills, connect to the Internet or just curl up with your favorite book – all for free? You can do all of that and more @ your library. Celebrate National Library Week, April 11-17. Hartshorne Public Library is celebrating National Library Week by offering amnesty on any overdue materials returned during that week. This is our way of saying thanks to the community for your patronage. Fines will also be waived for overdue materials deposited in the book return during this week.

Thursday, March 25, 2010

Hartshorne Library offers Downloadable Audio Books

Hartshorne Library is now offering downloadable audio books through Ingram Digital. These "books" can be downloaded onto a computer, then uploaded to your iPod, MP3 players or other audio devices.

My iLibrary digital audio features a user-friendly interface that is both PC and MAC compatible. All titles are downloadable and playable via iPodand iPhone, in addition to hundreds of other MP3 players. The downloadable materials cover a wide range of fictional and non-fictional topics, and run on easy-to-use free software available from Ingram Digital MyLibrary website. In order to borrow and use a specific format of digital media, you must download and instal the proper software.
For more information you can visit us at
If you need additional assistance or have other questions you can call this toll free number 866.820.1624 or email Ingram Digital at

Monday, March 01, 2010

Looking for Materials plus Readers' Advisory

We have several ways to find materials not only in the Hartshorne library, but all virtually worldwide. Besides our catalog, which not only searches the Hartshorne library, but all the libraries in our system, there is also World Cat. This is a way that you can search in many libraries throughout the world to find the book that you want. You may search on your own or ask the staff to aid in your search. We then can request the book for you. The cost of an interlibrary/inter-branch loan is $1.50, this is to help with postage cost. We have found many items that are out of print and obscure.

Hartshorne library has a few readers’ advisory sources. First there is Novelist, for adults and Novelist K-8 for children. Both of these are excellent guides to fiction books. Within the database they have an “Author Read-Alikes” section. You can find other authors that write similar, to your favorite author. If you need any assistance, don’t hesitate to ask staff for help.

Another source that has been, until now, has until now, only available in big bulky reference books, is the Wilson’s Core Collection database. This database lets you search for books that are highly recommended. You can search Fiction as well as non-fiction, children and Young Adults. You can search by title, author, even keyword. It is very user friendly, but again, for assistance the staff is always available. All this and more can be found on

Monday, February 22, 2010

Our Friendly Library

Our library can be summed up in one word, and that word is “Welcoming”. We try to accommodate everybody’s library needs. We have books, of course, computers, of course, but we offer so much more.
We are right in the middle of tax season and we have some Federal forms. The state forms were not sent to the libraries any longer, but they are available online. Although we are not a tax service we can help you find a form you need. Any form, state or federal can be found online. They can be printed out for a nominal fee of 10 cents a page. You are also able to come in and file your taxes online if you so wish.
We have recently implemented our PC reservation and also have print management. Although you may think this is a nuisance at first, it is put in place to do away with unwanted print jobs. It also now allows you to print to our color printer for 25 cents a page. I’m not saying it is without its issues but I am confident these will be worked out over time.
Our fax is another service that is used extensively. It cost nothing to receive a fax unless you receive more than 10 pages.
If you are an early bird please visit us in the morning, we now open at 8 o’clock. This is a good time to enjoy peace and quiet. If it is to use the computer, check out books, read the newspaper or just come in and have a cup of coffee and visit you are always welcome and we are glad to see you.
If you have ever been in our library after school you will really see how "weloming" we can be. This library is full of Kids. Our town has very few things to interest our teens. They are attacted to the library for the programs, of course, but also the computers and books. The library has also become a social center, that if it doesn't get too out of hand, is a good thing. We try to be a safe and friendly place. I really think that we have gone a long way in achieving this goal.
In conclusion I think that I have shown that EVERYONE is welcome in our library and we will go to great lengths to meet their needs.

Monday, February 15, 2010

Books and Movies

Some popular movies that are out now are based on books. Here are a few that are available at the Hartshorne Library. Whether you have seen the movie or not we have always heard that the book is better than the movie, come and check these book out to decide for yourself.

The first is “The Blind Side” by Michael Lewis. This is a biography about a young man that is born into poverty to a mother who is addicted to crack. He is one of thirteen children, does not know what his name is or his birthday, let alone how to read or write. His life changes when an evangelical family finds him on the streets. Through their love they help him to overcome these obstacles and become one of the most highly paid football players in history. It is an inspirational story that must be read to fully appreciate the journey of this man.

Nicholas Sparks, author of “The notebook”, “A Walk to remember”, “Nights of Rodanthe” to name just a few, has yet another book that has been made into a movie. The title is “Dear John”. The book is about John, angry rebel, who has dropped out of school and sees the army as an answer to what to do with his life. After enlisting he meets a Savannah, and in a very short time falls in love. It looks like both have found the love of their life until 9/11 happens. John decides to re-enlist and Savannah, because of the long separation falls in love and marries another man. On returning home John must comes to terms with the fact that his true love is married---and must face the hardest decision of his life.

Greg Heffley is thrust into middle school, where undersized weaklings share the hallways with kids who are taller, meaner, and already shaving. The hazards of growing up are uniquely revealed through words and drawings as Greg records them in his diary.

Another book is Alice in Wonderland. This classic book by Lewis Carroll is being made into a movie starring Johnny Depp and directed by Tim Burton.
Bored on a hot afternoon, Alice follows a White Rabbit down a rabbit-hole without giving a thought about how she might get out. And so she tumbles into Wonderland: where animals answer back, a baby turns into a pig, time stands still at a disorderly tea party, croquet is played with hedgehogs and flamingos, and the Mock Turtle and Gryphon dance the Lobster Quadrille. In a land in which nothing is as it seems and cakes, potions and mushrooms can make her shrink to ten inches or grow to the size of a house, will Alice be able to find her way home again?

The last book is “The Lightening Thief”. This is a Young Adult (and aren’t we all young adults) book. This is a first in “The Olympian” series by Rick Riordan. This books a fantasy along the line of Harry Potter. A young boy finds out that his father is Poseidon, God of the Sea. With his compadres, a satyr and a demigod daughter of Athena, they set out on a quest to reach the gates of the underworld (located in a recording studio in Hollywood) and prevent a catastrophic war between the gods.

These are just a few books of which movies have been made. Who knows you may even read a book that has yet to receive that honor.

Wednesday, January 13, 2010

New services

Recently Hartshorne Library has implemeted "PC Reservation". This is a computer managment system. It requires the patron to log in using their library card. It also has built in time limits that frees the staff for more important tasks. We have had it for about a month and besides the first week we are very pleased with the response from the public. We encourage any comments.
We also have a new scanner, printer and fax combination machine. The staff is extremely pleased with this despite a few gliches in the fax capabilities.
The Library System is looking into providing downloadable audio books. This will allow you to "borrow" an audio to download onto an ipod or any other Mp3 device. We are now in the process of selecting the titles to offer. We hope for a very positive response to this. Again, we encourage any comments.