Monday, March 01, 2010

Looking for Materials plus Readers' Advisory

We have several ways to find materials not only in the Hartshorne library, but all virtually worldwide. Besides our catalog, which not only searches the Hartshorne library, but all the libraries in our system, there is also World Cat. This is a way that you can search in many libraries throughout the world to find the book that you want. You may search on your own or ask the staff to aid in your search. We then can request the book for you. The cost of an interlibrary/inter-branch loan is $1.50, this is to help with postage cost. We have found many items that are out of print and obscure.

Hartshorne library has a few readers’ advisory sources. First there is Novelist, for adults and Novelist K-8 for children. Both of these are excellent guides to fiction books. Within the database they have an “Author Read-Alikes” section. You can find other authors that write similar, to your favorite author. If you need any assistance, don’t hesitate to ask staff for help.

Another source that has been, until now, has until now, only available in big bulky reference books, is the Wilson’s Core Collection database. This database lets you search for books that are highly recommended. You can search Fiction as well as non-fiction, children and Young Adults. You can search by title, author, even keyword. It is very user friendly, but again, for assistance the staff is always available. All this and more can be found on

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