Monday, February 22, 2010

Our Friendly Library

Our library can be summed up in one word, and that word is “Welcoming”. We try to accommodate everybody’s library needs. We have books, of course, computers, of course, but we offer so much more.
We are right in the middle of tax season and we have some Federal forms. The state forms were not sent to the libraries any longer, but they are available online. Although we are not a tax service we can help you find a form you need. Any form, state or federal can be found online. They can be printed out for a nominal fee of 10 cents a page. You are also able to come in and file your taxes online if you so wish.
We have recently implemented our PC reservation and also have print management. Although you may think this is a nuisance at first, it is put in place to do away with unwanted print jobs. It also now allows you to print to our color printer for 25 cents a page. I’m not saying it is without its issues but I am confident these will be worked out over time.
Our fax is another service that is used extensively. It cost nothing to receive a fax unless you receive more than 10 pages.
If you are an early bird please visit us in the morning, we now open at 8 o’clock. This is a good time to enjoy peace and quiet. If it is to use the computer, check out books, read the newspaper or just come in and have a cup of coffee and visit you are always welcome and we are glad to see you.
If you have ever been in our library after school you will really see how "weloming" we can be. This library is full of Kids. Our town has very few things to interest our teens. They are attacted to the library for the programs, of course, but also the computers and books. The library has also become a social center, that if it doesn't get too out of hand, is a good thing. We try to be a safe and friendly place. I really think that we have gone a long way in achieving this goal.
In conclusion I think that I have shown that EVERYONE is welcome in our library and we will go to great lengths to meet their needs.

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