Wednesday, September 30, 2009

FOHL Annual meeting

The Annual FOHL meeting was held on Sept. 27. Virgina Barlow called the meeting to order and reported on the projects the FOHL did in the last year. Shirley McBee gave a treasurer's report. Election of Officers were held, with the motion made to keep the existing officers. There was discussion concerning money to be given to the Library's Chidren's Summer Reading Program as well as money given to Chamber of Commerce for Christmas bags for the children.
The meeting was very well attended in large part because of our very special guest speaker, Barbara Smitherman. She is the author of "Engaging the Sons of Darkness". A fictinal book that is set in the Jack Fork Mountains. This is her first book. She related that she wrote it is 36 days. She lives in McAlester with her husband, Doug and is currently working on her second book. The FOHL as well as the Hartshorne Library would like to thank Barbara for coming and sharing her story.

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